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My ramblings on 'Did you know'

Watch the video first and then read!

Yet this is a helpful video on how the education system is lagging, I always wonder how they are going to solve the problem. Who is going to teach all the new stuff? Will the teachers gets themselves updated on a daily basis? As mentioned in the video, the high traffic websites(Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc) doesn't even exist 10 years back. The world is changing so fast, are the teachers are going to update themselves at the same pace? I was talking to the one of the professor at ASU recently and he mentioned that he needs some one who can teach all the latest stuff. He can easily find some one who can teach Java, .Net etc., but he is unable to get some one who can teach Facebook, iPhone etc.

Let's forget about the teachers, talk about software professionals. I have seen lot of people who don't bother to update themselves when their job keeps going on. I have seen lot of people who doesn't even know about Facebook, Twitter. Lot of people don't know about the new dictionary words such as Googling, Twittering etc. I have seen people who doesn't even know about the latest updates in their expertise. I have seen people who don't know about Java 5 and Java 6 features as they use JDk1.4 at their work. I have seen DBAs who don't even know about NoSQL momentum. They don't even realise that high scalable applications such as Google, Facebook, Digg, Twitter, LinkedIn are not even using databases any more for performance reasons. They don't even know what a data store is until the database is dead(I hope it won't happen, but look at all the big companies who are dumping the databases)? They won't even realise until the day they can't get the job with their existing skills which are dead by then.

For some people it's hard to keep up to date with latest stuff. For some people there is no need to update(at least that's what they feel) until they look for another job. The whole world is transforming at a fast pace and we are not even bother to know about it. At least think about kids and their future! Teachers cant teach every thing that a kid needs. You as a parent should teach most of the stuff! If you are not up to date with the knowledge storm, how your kid is going to be updated?

Internet provides every thing, but do you know where to get the right info? Your kid might have been using the computer/internet from the age of 4. At least if you know where to get, you can guide your kid. Think about a second, think about your self and your kid! At least after watching the video, don't you agree that it's a time to update your self to know where world is heading? at least in your area?

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